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Guys calm down lol.
Sup Guys :d Vote For Me For T-Mod :d Thxs
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 Hello everyone and I just wanted to tell you guys that we have added a HUB with OPFactions and OPPrison as well and there will be more servers soon to come. Thanks and I hope everyone enjoys!

Hey everyone were upgrading the server and getting NO LAG. DDOS protection, everything and the server will NEVER go down again. :D Our server is being hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada and the reason our server just went down, so sorry for any of the disappointment caused. Thanks and hope everyone enjoys the no lag server!
- KombatMC staff
Swagwill atmoic plz unban ME I DIDNT DO SHIT
Swagwill cm plz unban me i got banned for 9 years -Swagwill ...
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Well the server is back everyone and were trying our best to get everything back to normal, and we are sorry for the downtime that the server had, and the disappointment caused.
We are currently working on the new spawn, getting buycraft set back to normal, and a lot of other things. Hope everyone enjoys the server! We will be getting ddos protection soon!
The server has been having some issues of you not being able to connect like today but we will fix it as soon as possible. Sorry for any of the disappointment.  
Also we are looking for 3 more trial mods!!!!!!! Apply now! Donate ranks are the only people that are allowed to apply. Heres your chance so don't blow it!
finaldestney And You Might See Me On Every Day . ...
finaldestney Ok I I Applied I Think U Saw It Are ready If YOU did not go read it its a cool little app of mine I want too be t-mod to ...
blobblobman how do i appli for mod
Server is up with 32gb of dedicated DDR3 ram NO lag Anti ddos =) you should never lag :D
You remember that glitch when you logged in and you lagged out? NO MORE =)
Server will never lag out :D
finaldestney Sup Atomic Its Final Can I Try Out For (Helper) ASAP.
MinecraftGamerz99/Montyshock1 Thanks so much guys
banna54321 i laged out TODAY
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finaldestney   created a new thread Im Willing Too Do It in the Apply for Trial-Mod forum
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